guitar lessons

Guitar lessons

Teaching music should discharge all creative forces inside each student. Each time I want to discover what is it that touches somebody and wants to dive into music, and especially the guitar. That point of motivation is to me the beginning of a series of lessons in order to achieve each one’s musical goals.

The lessons are in the field of contemporary improvisational music such as jazz, funk, blues, pop, rock. The lessons consist of:

It is defined mainly by the student. Nevertheless there is always an introduction to other genres and suggestions as well, aiming for the expansion of the student’s music references.

The student is reinforced with basic knowledge of music theory in order to better understand the music he wants to play. For students who wish to dive into contemporary upper level theory may choose that jazz harmony class.

Improvisation is the dexterity that the student/musician accomplishes for self-expression. Rock, blues, pop, jazz solos and chord melodies are concepts that result from studying improvisation.

The instrument technique session is everything that make the improvisation (scales, methods, arpeggios etc.) and the proper body stance in order to avoid injuries (alexander technique).

All lessons are accompanied with selected music references and interactive videos to support studying.