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Leoforio live@ Syros jazz festival 2018

A few words about Leoforio ... About five years ago, the photograph(by Antonis Zivas) of the album was found in my hand. This photo was the occasion to create a musical trio (guitar-double bass-drums) and under the title leoforio ... to work together my personal compositions.


The leoforio ... first stop has been chosen by Onassis cultural foundation to participate in the new
 jazz generation 2017


You can find it

ITunes http://goo.gl/FjLPT9
Amazon https://goo.gl/WG3TJt
Google Play https://goo.gl/8s8N17
7Digital (Wav,Flac) https://goo.gl/BJ7Pau
Spotify https://goo.gl/rOawpM

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