guitar lessons

Guitar lessons

I believe that the purpose of music teaching should be to release all the creative forces that exist within each student. My goal every time is to find out what drives a person and wants to get involved with music and more specifically with the guitar. For me, his thrill is the starting point for creating a lesson plan that aims to achieve his musical goals… The courses refer to and are oriented towards the field of modern and contemporary improvisational music such as jazz, funk, blues. More specifically:


The repertoire focuses on the above genres in collaboration with the student, as well as other musical suggestions aimed at expanding the musical field.


During the lessons the student is reinforced with basic knowledge of theory that will help him to understand and better understand the music he wants to play. For students who wish to go deeper into modern higher theory, they have the opportunity to opt for both jazz harmony and ear training as well as integrate it into their musical ensembles.


Improvisation refers to the student’s / musician’s ability to express themselves on jazz, blues and funk styles.


The technique of the instrument examines all those elements that are tools of improvisation (stairs, modes, arpeggios, etc.) of musical performance and the correct posture of the body to avoid injury (alexander technique). All lessons are accompanied by a selected music bibliography as well as interactive videos that assist students in their study.

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