jazz improvisation workshop

The improvisational jazz workshop is a meeting place for those musicians who wish to be educated and acquainted with this genre not only through theory but mainly by “improvising”.


The school has been active for more than ten years in music and training, in jazz and contemporary improvisational music, giving many musicians the chance to learn how to play this music and to collaborate with great jazz musicians who successfully continued their studies at university institutions. Created the Makrinitsa jazz festival and has the organizational, educational, legal responsibility of the horto jazz workshop. t is that it brought together both musicians and the public in a more active listening and performing this music.

Andreas Papayannakopoulos is the founder and responsible for the studies of improjazz.


The impro jazz runs its lessons in the fully equipped playground for the arts


Here is a list of the students of the improjazz performing originals and jazz standards


The aim of the seminars is for the participants to broaden their musical and artistic horizons and to get acquainted with the element of improvisation, the musical skill of self-expression with practice.

The originality of the program is the direct link between theory and music practice


All the lessons (apart from jazz combos)are available also through internet.

Anyone interested in an independent body can participate in the courses. Students will be divided into groups to create musical ensembles


-ear training

-jazz combos



jazz guitar

Technique of the guitar

Jazz Harmony

Jazz harmony is based on the tradition of classical music. However, both her notation and the way she is written are intended to help her jazz musician. This course examines traditional jazz harmony to modal and non-diatonic. The harmony lesson aims to assist the jazz musician in the theoretical part of improvisation so as to form the appropriate theoretical basis that will act as a guide to jazz improvisation.

Ear training

The well trained ear is one of the most important skills for jazz to understand and perform music for jazz. The objective of the course is twofold. First, the student recognizes acoustically the rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic elements of the music so that it is ready to use it immediately during musical performance or to record it for study. Second, to be able to “hear” what is written while reading a musical score. One of the most successful definitions of jazz – in this case – improvisation is that when you are capable of “playing what you hear”, then your music is honest.

Jazz combos

Jazz ensembles are the place where music is practiced. The student finds himself or herself under real musical conditions where interplay, concentration and the desire for musical self-expression are encouraged and cultivated. In jazz ensembles the student comes into contact with different jazz styles such as be-bop, cool, hard-pop, fusion, free-jazz as well as original student compositions that the musical ensemble is called upon to perform.

jazz improvisation

The main feature of this music is improvisation. The ability to compose, as the musical practice evolves. In this lesson we examine practices, strategies and approaches to improvisation by applying jazz repertoire compositions. requires good knowledge of the theory and harmony of music, as well as knowledge of the instrument at a good level

Theory of music

Aimed at musicians who are self-taught and play music using their “ear” and “musical instinct” In this lesson the participants learn the basic structures of diatonic music as well as have a first contact with the study of acoustic skills (ear training). Both are necessary for one to progress to jazz harmony. At the same time, group lesson can normally attend

jazz guitar

The aim of the lesson is to learn and learn jazz style as it was expressed through the electric guitar and its capabilities. Jimmy Raney, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Pat Metheney will be some of our guides. on this beautiful musical journey. Scales, modes, phrasing, swing-timing, chords, chord solos, chord melodies and above all the art of improvisation are the materials we will work on to get closer to the colors of this music. ‘ So, if the goal is to know the jazz style of the guitar, the ultimate goal remains one. That is the magic of jazz…

The technique of the electric guitar

This course is a group and aims to explore in detail all the technical possibilities of electric guitar, covering many basic tools and practices that the modern guitarist must know (left and right hand technique, music articulation, right position). body / alexander tecnique, music reading / sight reading, rhythmic surfer, repetition of scales, arpeggios, chords etc. The guitar team of this course will also create a separate musical ensemble that will perform orchestrated compositions by a guitar

live performances and jam sessions

The students in the lab immediately apply the knowledge they receive and are “trained” to the challenge of live performance. With individual preparation each student prepares a repertoire of songs and presents it at an open-air concert. The jam session follows students to openly test the repertoire they play in group lesson


Students of the workshop have the opportunity to collaborate with students of tap dance by collaborating and presenting joint performances, viewing jazz and improvisation from a different perspective.

Improjazz organizes the summer camp improjazz workshop

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